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Symposium on Industrial Ecology for Young Professionals (SIEYP)

The Student Chapter Board of the ISIE is hosting the 8th Symposium on Industrial Ecology for Young Professionals (SIEYP) which will take place in Leiden, on 1 July 2023. The event will precede the Leiden ISIE2023 conference.

The SIEYP will span the entire day and will include multiple activities in line with the event’s theme ‘Levers for scientists to accelerate the transition’. 

The participants will take part in keynote presentations, hands-on workshops, and networking activities, where they get to put their ongoing research into context and disseminate it in a way that benefits both their careers and the entire society. 

The event is open to all Master’s students, Ph.D. candidates, post-docs, and recent graduates. The event is free of charge, and lunch and snacks will be served for all. However, an extra fee might be required to participate in the group tour. 

To register for the event, please visit the event webpage, where you will also find event updates.

Scholarship applications are open to students and early career researchers.

IRTC Workshop

Assessing the criticality of raw materials: understanding the EU list

The workshop offered by the IRTC project - Luis Tercero, Dieuwertje Schrijvers,  Alessandra Hool

In this 5-hours course, participants will be provided with an introduction to criticality and critical raw materials assessment. We will take a deep dive into the EU assessment methodology and you will learn about its composition, factors, indicators, and common data sources. In a hands-on exercise, you will reproduce an EU criticality assessment for selected raw materials, comprehending the influence of factors such as country concentration, political stability, economic sectors, and recycling rates, as well as the indicators determining these factors. You will be provided with frequently used data sources for the indicators, where available, and learn how the choice of these sources and their availability influence the overall result.

After successful completion of the course, you will have an insight into the considerations behind the EU methodology, be able to reproduce a standard procedure of an EU criticality assessment for a given material, and know some of the key considerations in selecting appropriate data sources.

Time: 10 am – 4.30 pm 

For more information and registration, please visit the IRTC website.

ISIE Symbiosis section symposium

The ISIE symbiosis section symposium will be held on the day before the conference on 1 July 2023.

Please find here the information for this symposium and where you can register.

Logo Creative Abstract Competition

Creative Abstract Competition

Dear participant,

We are excited to invite you to participate in the "Creative Abstract Competition" at the International Society of Industrial Ecology (ISIE) Conference 2023. Would you like to shine a different light on your research, and maybe WIN A PRIZE? Come join the competition!

Abstracts should be informative, but could they also be fun? We believe ‘creative abstracts’ can be an antidote to mundane abstracts. A creative abstract has a similar objective to a scientific abstract in that the purpose is to draw potential readers to the research. However, the creative abstract should not simply duplicate the scientific abstract as is common with graphical or visual abstracts. We invite you to challenge yourself to spark interest in your research and make your results accessible to a wider audience other than academia by producing a creative abstract in a text, image, video, audio, or a physical work.

The competition is open to all ISIE conference presenters. You can submit your creative abstract at the website, please do so before June 23rd. Once all entries are in, a shortlist will be selected by a judging panel. Thereafter the winners will be selected by popular vote of ISIE attendees and will be announced during the conference. Exciting prizes will be awarded to recognize the top entries, more information about those will follow soon. On the website you can find more detailed entry guidelines and assessment criteria.

Hopefully you are as enthusiastic as we are for this opportunity to showcase your work and do something different with your intellectual and creative powers. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to receiving your submission and wish you good luck in the competition!

You can visit our website and see the complete documentation on our public GitHub repository.

Best regards,
The organising committee of the Creative Abstract Competition
ISIE Conference 2023

Mrs Wendy van der Ende
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