About Leiden


About Leiden

Leiden is the key to discoveries, with more than 35 courtyards, 28 kilometers of canals, many monuments, 13 museums, and the oldest university in the Netherlands.
Leiden boasts one of the best markets in Holland. Every Saturday a great market arises in the city center. Take your time strolling past the dozens of stalls lined along the canals (Nieuwe Rijn, Vismarkt en Botermarkt). Come with an empty stomach because you will find nothing but excellent fresh produce. Eat a traditional Dutch herring, buy a piece of good Dutch cheese, and snack on freshly baked bread and fresh stroopwafels (caramel waffles).

Only rent a bike if you are used to ride a bike in traffic, because cycling in Leiden can be a bit overwhelming. There is more information about renting a bike on the website of the tourist office of Leiden. On that website you will find even more tips about your visit to Leiden.

Leiden is also European City of Science of 2022. The ultimate goal of Leiden European City of Science is to connect science and society.
Go explore and check out the highlights of Leiden.

Mrs Wendy van der Ende
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