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ISIE2023, to be held in Leiden 2-5 July 2023, is the 11th biennial conference of the International Society for Industrial Ecology (ISIE). The theme of the conference is “Transitions in a world in turmoil”: The way we use energy and resources in our present system is not sustainable. Major changes are necessary in our energy system to make it climate-neutral.

At the same time our use of land, water and material resources needs to change dramatically to become sustainable. To avoid further deterioration of nature and our environment and resource supply constraints we must move toward a circular economy, while at the same time ensuring equitable transitions. During the conference, we will discuss the challenges the world is facing, the changes that are necessary to remain within planetary boundaries, and the solutions that could be employed in a technical, behavioural and organisational sense to meet these challenges.

About ISIE


The International Society for Industrial Ecology (ISIE) promotes industrial ecology as a way of finding innovative solutions to complicated sustainability problems, and facilitates communication among scientists, engineers, policymakers, managers and advocates who are interested in better integrating sustainability concerns with economic activities.

The mission of the ISIE is to promote the use of industrial ecology in research, education, policy, community development, and industrial practices. The ISIE organises biennial conferences for its members and other interested professionals, scholars and students. 

Mrs Wendy van der Ende
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